Can I apply if I am not a student?

Most spots will be allocated to graduate students and postdocs. However, a limited number of spots will be held for full-time researchers and faculty at academic and not-for-profit institutions, as well as industry and other professionals.

Can I apply to only DLSS or RLSS?

Applicants are only able to apply for both DLSS and RLSS.

How are applicants selected?

DLRLSS will use a scoring system to select the majority of participants. Decisions will be made stochastically, and applicants with a higher score have a higher probability of being accepted. The scoring system favours applicants who are graduate students and whose research areas are closer to the scope of the summer school. It also favours applicants who are from a Canadian university, an under-represented group, contribute to a research blog or an open-source project, those who have not attended the schools before, as well as students from research labs affiliated with the CIFAR program on Learning in Machines and Brains.

I did not receive confirmation that my registration form was submitted. Did it go through?

If you did not receive a confirmation email, please contact us directly at info@dlrlsummerschool.ca

I just graduated but will be starting another program in the fall. Can I apply as a student?

You can apply as a student if you are currently enrolled as a student, or if you are a recent graduate and you are enrolled to begin another program within the year.

What language will the summer schools be held in?


When will decisions be made about applications?

Applicants will be informed on March 8.

Where will the summer school take place?

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Will completion certificates be issued confirming a student’s attendance at the summer school(s)?


Will financial support be available?

Limited financial support will be available for students and details will be communicated when registration opens. Students are also encouraged to look to their affiliated institutions for additional funds to cover expenses.

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