2018 Event

Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning Summer School 2018 was hosted by the Vector Institute and took place from July 25 to August 3 in Toronto, Ontario.


2018 Deep Learning Summer School (DLSS)

Date Presenter Presentation
Wednesday, July 25 Katherine Heller Introduction to Machine Learning
Hugo Larochelle Neural Networks I
Thursday, July 26 Hugo Larochelle Neural Networks II
Jonathon Shlens Introduction to CNN’s
Friday, July 27 David Duvenaud Generative Models I
Phil Isola Generative Models II
Been Kim Interpretability
Saturday, July 28 Sanjeev Arora Theory
Jimmy Ba Optimization I
Jorge Nocedal Optimization II
Monday, July 30 Yoshua Bengio RNN’s 
Graham Neubig Language Understanding
Jamie Kiros Multimodel Learning
Tuesday, July 31 Blake Richards Computational Neuroscience
Andrew Wilson Bayesian Neural Nets

2018 Reinforcement Learning Summer School (RLSS)

Date Presenter Presentation
Wednesday, August 1 Richard Sutton Introduction to RL and TD
Sergey Levine Policy Search
Amir-Massoud Farahmand Batch RL and ADP
Martha White Off-Policy Learning
Thursday, August 2 Ajay Agrawal Prediction Machines:
The Simple Economics of A
Tor Lattimore Bandits and Explore/Exploit in RL
Doina Precup Temporal Abstraction
Emma Brunskill Multi-task and Transfer in RL
Friday, August 3 Marc Belleare Deep RL
Hal Daume III Imitation Learning
Mohammad Ghavamzadeh Safety in RL
Michael Bowling Multi-agent RL
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